Saturday, December 13, 2014

Warning 10% remaining

It has been about 6 days since I left Ho Chi Minh City and 6 days of encountering "10% battery remaining" Stupid me forgot to bring along an charger adapter for my macbook pro. You become rather crafty when trying to find a three-pronged plug. I have done the following so far: 

1. Ask hotel concierge to unplug their own macbooks so i can charge my own. 

2. Unscrew a plug covering with a keychain screwdriver in hopes to find a missing plug head.

3.  Attempting to use a mini fridge adapter as an alternative charger. 

All which have failed. 

I apologize for the delayed posts but hopefully I will find an adapter charger soon. 

With love, 

[mr. white elephant] 

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