Monday, March 31, 2014

Tasty Peanuts!

Beautiful things are to be shared, not kept to one's self. 

1. Open Jacket with Vegan Leather Trimmings by 10 Crosby Derek Lam

[This jacket is everything that is right about an open-faced jacket. 
The black leather trimming against the off-white Japanese crepe sends shivers of delight up my spine. This little gem provides both structure as well as fluidity. 

Can you ask for a better spring-weight jacket that stands out from the crowd? Prove me wrong. I dare you.]

2. Floral Camo Zip Pouch by Givenchy

[Sometimes you just get tired of carrying a large tote or shoulder bag around. 
When you're in a hurry or need something that is compact and easy to carry, then maybe a zip pouch might be the right choice for you.] 

There's something effortless about running around the city with such a pungent piece. ]

[Car keys, card wallet, and your new YSL No. 52 lipstick.
Done and done.] 

[Running around $410, this is a reachable one-a-kind luxury.]

3. White Sneakers by Converse 

[White Sneakers are the next big thing in causal footwear. Tough Love; ehe only two words I could think to describe this Come Back Kid. 

It's so retro, it became modern.]

4. The distressed boyfriend jean by Rag and Bone

[A good distressed jean is a great staple for festival season. 

Dress it up with a blazer and heels or dress it down with a t-shirt and bomber. 

Either way, it is a great way to give the finger to those skinny lovers.] 

Keep it Real, 

[Mr. White Elephant]


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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Coffee Shop

Birth of Mr. White Elephant

Givenchy bag, Kitsune cap, H&M boucle cardigan coat, H&M special edition headphones

Drip Coffee and (delicious) Glazed Donuts 

Bit Code inspired wall print

Coffee shops are incredible establishments. They have an amazing ability to inspire and construe new ideas. The past couple of days I have been working out of coffee shops and internet cafes. They have a unique quality about them that makes me want to complete the task at hand and move on to the next. 
I don't know if it's the coffee that gives me a dose of pure adrenaline or maybe the calmness that is instilled in me when see that everyone around are in the same state of mind. 

Regardless, they are my personal heaven-sent gift. 

Keep it Real, 

[Mr. White Elephant]

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Everyone needs a fresh start sometime in their life. 

Put the past into a box, tape it up,  label it "Only in case of emergencies", and store it in the outer corridors of the mind. 

Don't bother with the trivial things that weigh down your daily motions, but rather move forward to see the better future ahead. 

Too sentimental for you? Well too bad. There's going to be a lot of that. 

Cancer babies everywhere unite! 

Okay, you other signs can join as well. Just don't ruin the nostalgic mood. 

You might be asking, "What and/or who is Mr. White Elephant?"

I am the subconscious of Project White Elephant. (
This blog is a reflection of my daily struggles and joy to becoming a grown-up company. 

A little bit about myself? 

I am an eternal neutralist. I love, I hate, I adore, I despise. I am a little bit of you. 
Even when I fail (and i will), I'll get up and try again. 

I am fashion enthused and society inspired. I want to litigate any questions you have about style and fashion as well as how we can contribute fashion to our community.  

Please join me on my spectacular journey to building my own dreams and goals and in return, I will try to everything in my power to help you along with yours. 

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Keep it Real, 

[Mr. White Elephant]