Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Everyone needs a fresh start sometime in their life. 

Put the past into a box, tape it up,  label it "Only in case of emergencies", and store it in the outer corridors of the mind. 

Don't bother with the trivial things that weigh down your daily motions, but rather move forward to see the better future ahead. 

Too sentimental for you? Well too bad. There's going to be a lot of that. 

Cancer babies everywhere unite! 

Okay, you other signs can join as well. Just don't ruin the nostalgic mood. 

You might be asking, "What and/or who is Mr. White Elephant?"

I am the subconscious of Project White Elephant. (www.projectwhiteelephant.com
This blog is a reflection of my daily struggles and joy to becoming a grown-up company. 

A little bit about myself? 

I am an eternal neutralist. I love, I hate, I adore, I despise. I am a little bit of you. 
Even when I fail (and i will), I'll get up and try again. 

I am fashion enthused and society inspired. I want to litigate any questions you have about style and fashion as well as how we can contribute fashion to our community.  

Please join me on my spectacular journey to building my own dreams and goals and in return, I will try to everything in my power to help you along with yours. 

Follow me on my visual journey via:

Instagram: mr_white_elephant

Twitter: @TheWhtElephant

Facebook: www.facebook.com/projectwhiteelephant

Keep it Real, 

[Mr. White Elephant]

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